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  • Nalini Boodoosingh


Can you believe that we're almost to the end of January 2021! This year I've decided to make a big deal about every holiday, accomplishment and special moment in our lives. Why? Well... 2020. Need I say more? I figured now was a good time to add a little extra to our lives because who couldn't use little more joy in their life during a pandemic? Am I right? I certainly can.

As I was looking around for ideas to decorate Khloe's bedroom and play area, I came upon a beautiful #pompomwreath crafted by Country Peony and immediately decided to replicate it. Kudos to her for coming up with such a cute idea and sharing her creation with the rest of us. The wreath seemed easy enough to make, didn't require a lot of effort, would be fairly cheap to make myself vs buying one and I wouldn't feel guilty if I tossed it or gave it away after Valentine's Day. I say this because I am notorious for decluttering and typically do a purge of my home every 6 months so I don't store alot of seasonal items.

Before you get started you'll need a couple things:

1. Yarn- various colors of your choosing. I purchased mine during the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale. On average the rolls were priced at $399-$5.99 and I got 4

2. Pom Pom Maker - got this set on amazon which has several sizes - $10.88

3. Sharp scissors

4. Heart Shaped wreath ring or form - got the wreath ring for $1

5. Hot Glue gun and sticks- had these in my craft kit

You'll start out by making each pom pom . I made approximately 10 of each color and ended up using about 28 of them. Mix it up and utilize the various rings in your set so you can make different sizes in each color to add some variation and visual interest. This was my first time making pom poms so once I was done , I spent some time trimming each one as needed to make them nice and round.

Next, I spent some time laying out the shape so I could mix the colors and get an idea of the layout before typing them to the wreath form. Once I was happy with the direction I tied each pom pom and hot glued them next to each other. The gluing part is important to help the wreath maintain its shape once hung.

And is the finished product with my little admirer Louie ❤

Khloe loves it as well and asked for it to be placed on her door. If you make one, please tag me @naliniboodoosingh ! I'd love to see them.

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