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  • Nalini Boodoosingh


I’ve had my Ikea Micke Desk and Drawer set for a little over 6 years and it has held up really well. With the move from 1 day a week to a full time work from home situation, this desk has gotten way more use and I felt it was time for a little makeover to go along with the new office esthetic.

Buying a new desk was not in my plan so I focused on making the existing pieces more appealing while not taking on too much work. While browsing I came across this CB2 credenza and fell in love with the idea of a fluted facade.

This project itself is pretty simple since the base already exists . Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Several lengths of unfinished pine wood half round mouldings from Lowes . I didn’t count how many I used- sorry

  2. Headless nails - used a nail gun but you can certainly use a hammer

  3. Half inch MDF- this is going to be used as a “new“ drawer front that closes the gaps on the drawer unit and to keep everything at the same facing level (4 pieces) . You will also need 2 additional pieces for the desk.

  4. Hardware for the drawers- bought these gold 5inch finger pulls from Amazon

  5. We also built a platform for the desk unit out of scrap wood to ensure the desk and drawers were at the same height . The drawers typically come with wheels which I’ve never used.

Here’s the "Before":

And "After"

I think it turned out great and hope to get more than a few more years out of my "new" desk.




Justyna Pohl
Justyna Pohl
Jun 18, 2023

How did you handle the Caster wheels on the drawer unit?

Nalini Boodoosingh
Nalini Boodoosingh
Jun 28, 2023
Replying to

In order to get the drawer unit and the table at the same height , I built a platform . If you look at the first before photo you’ll see it . I did not attach the metal frame from the table to the side drawer unit but that‘s also something you can do if you’re not going to move it around much.

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