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Beige Betty went bye bye

Main Floor Bathroom Reveal

When we moved into our house almost 5 years ago there was a list of things we wanted to change. Our main floor bathroom was one of them but we knew it was unrealistic to expect all of the renovations to be done at once. For one, we did not have an unlimited budget and secondly, this bathroom was also the one full bath on the main floor of the house which the 3 of us shared. Our other full bath is in the basement, which we are currently renovating if you're following along on Instagram stories.

This bath worked well for the last few years but a few months ago the bath fitter layer opened at the seam around the tub and no matter how many times we had it repaired (about 3 or 4), it would reopen again. This caused the water to pool between the fitted layer and the original tub that was still underneath so we knew at that point it was time to hit go and get the remodel done. The last thing you'd ever want is mold or water damage issues.

Our goal for this space was to make it light, fresh and feel as open as possible because the foot print is small and the traffic would be high . I chose a white picket tile to run from floor to ceiling with white grout, along with a herringbone marble floor tile with light grey grout. Full transparency, laying the picket tile was time consuming because it required many cuts to get the layout right at the corners and in the insert. The floor tile was much easier because they came in sheets.

For the vanity, I chose a simple white transitional style we found at Lowe's on sale and upgraded the handle pulls with 3 beautiful black and gold ones I found on Etsy. I had no idea that vanities were so expensive until I started looking around . I mean a decent vanity in the style I really wanted was upwards of $1500 and I just didn't want to spend that much . In the end the one we chose turned out great and I have no regrets. Quick tip: going with a vanity that had door vs drawers allowed for much better use of space and created extra storage. We also opted to install the sink flush against the tiled wall without the back splash that comes with it.

I chose all black modern fixtures to give the space a luxurious feel and my favorite is our wide rainfall shower head. Trust me when I say that washing my hair is now a breeze :). The Kohler tub is my second favorite, with its sexy straight lines and the tub spout is equally beautiful.

Finally we chose an almost seamless glass enclosure which is super practical and creates a safe space for our little one who is pretty clumsy :). Shhhh. Don't tell her

If you'd like any of the product sources or would like any details on the renovation process drop me a note in the comments. Happy to help you plan your next upgrade.

- xo Nalini

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