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  • Nalini Boodoosingh


My little bug is the Queen of my heart and every Queen needs a crown. Mama also needed a quick and fun project to pass some time on this cold Saturday which lead us to our next DIY project of a Valentine Headpiece. It’ll be a cute addition to her outfit tomorrow. Bonus- you probably have all the required items at home or you can improvise with materials so no need to buy anything.

What do you think? She loves it , so extra kisses for me 🥰.

To make one yourself you will need the following items

  1. A cardboard box - there must be atleast one Amazon delivery box lying around somewhere. Alternatively you can use card stock , foam or any sturdy material.

  2. Heart shaped cookie cutters - you can also draw one out and use that first cutting as a pattern. I did this for the smaller hearts

  3. A pair of scissors

  4. Glitter

  5. Craft glue

  6. A headband- I used an old one and covered it in left over yarn from my Pom Pom wreath project

  7. Skewers- like the ones you use for grilling or s’mores

  8. Hot glue gun and glue sticks

To begin , you’ll need to trace the heart shapes onto your cardboard and cut them out. Let the kids help with this part as it’s simple and easy for them to do. Please use safety scissors if you have little ones. We did two different sizes for some variation.

Next you will want to start decorating with the glitter on hand. We had 4 small containers of left over glitter from an LOL Surprise Doll package that we used. Before you start I’d highly recommend laying down craft paper , or an old box to protect the surface from the glue and glitter. Makes clean up so much easier as well.

We created a quick assembly line . Grandma Sandra was on craft glue duty with Khloe on glitter duty. My mom used a soft sponge brush to smoothen the glue across the surface of the heart before handing off to Khloe. This made the process quick and less messy.

Once the shapes were ready, I took over and covered the headband with yarn. This part is only necessary if you want continuity of colors . In our case, I did not want to paint the skewers black or gold so I chose to cover the headband in pink yarn instead.

Next I attached the skewers onto the headband using a hot glue gun. You’ll need to give the glue a couple seconds to cool and hold before moving onto the next.

Last and final step is attaching your decorated heart shapes to your headband with the hot glue et Voila! A beautiful Valentine’s Day crown for your little one .

Hope you enjoyed that quick tutorial !

xo- Nalini

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Anngel Ramlogan
Anngel Ramlogan
Feb 13, 2021

WOW!! Such a pretty valentines day crown for a little princess 👸

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