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  • Nalini Boodoosingh


March 1st officially kicks of Women's History Month and in honor of all the amazing women who made their mark in this world and those that are currently blazing the trail for the rest of us , I have rounded up 12 wonderful books to help our little ones learn about some of these amazing women.

I've curated a list that is meaningful to us and hopefully to you as well, as it includes women from various backgrounds, experiences, ethnicities and ages. Why is this meaningful? I think it important for our children to see themselves represented in all forms of media they consume. I have definitely taken representation for granted because I grew up and spent most of my adult life in Trinidad and Tobago. I never once felt as if I did not belong because I was always surrounded by people like myself. A privilege really. My Black, Chinese and White friends all actively participated in Divali- a Hindu festival celebration light over darkness- often fully dressed in traditional Indian wear. I didn't even know what cultural appropriation meant until a few years ago. To me , we all celebrated together and it was cultural appreciation. I digress.

I hope these books provide an opportunity for us to dive into conversations we have yet to touch. I hope that they inspire our children to reach beyond their current dreams, to explore their creativity, to light a spark, to deepen their imaginations, to tap into their power and if nothing else, to have a moment of gratitude for the work and sacrifice these phenomenal women made for all of us.

I've also chosen books based on our household interests and highly encourage you to do the same. Tap into those subjects that your children find interesting and fascinating so they're excited to read independently or read along with you. Hopefully some of these books will inspire them to take a seat at the table and make their own mark on the world.

Happy Reading!- Nalini


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